Indicates which action should be applied to any child relationships when the deletion of a parent entity occurs The two options are to set the relationship as null which is the default behavior, or to take no action which will throw an exception when a parent is removed which would leave a child orphaned

Namespace:  Mindscape.LightSpeed
Assembly:  Mindscape.LightSpeed (in Mindscape.LightSpeed.dll)
Version: (


public enum RemovalBehaviorAction
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Enumeration RemovalBehaviorAction


Member nameDescription
Sets the value of the entity holder to null
Allows no action to be taken on removal, which will cause an exception to be thrown if attempting to remove the parent entity of a child which has this action applied
No action is taken on removal, and no check is performed to verify that the parent can be safely deleted. This will cause a database error if the entity has dependent children, unless a trigger or foreign key cascade action is used at the database level. Because LightSpeed cannot synchronise its in-memory deletions with the cascade effects in the database, you should save and reset the unit of work after removing any entity with an association with this behavior. This behavior may be applied only to recursive associations.

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