Provides a base implementation of an ASP.NET MVC controller which provides a LightSpeed UnitOfWork instance through the PerRequestUnitOfWorkScope.

Namespace:  Mindscape.LightSpeed.Web.Mvc
Assembly:  Mindscape.LightSpeed.Web (in Mindscape.LightSpeed.Web.dll)
Version: 4.0.1000.1 (


public abstract class LightSpeedControllerBase<TUnitOfWork> : Controller where TUnitOfWork : class, new(), IUnitOfWork
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public MustInherit Class LightSpeedControllerBase(Of TUnitOfWork As {Class, New, IUnitOfWork}) _
	Inherits Controller

Type Parameters

The type of the IUnitOfWork held by this controller.


By default this controller will dispose of the UnitOfWork instance as part of the ResultExecuted event, if you do not want this behavior then disable DisposeUnitOfWorkOnResultExecuted and provide a manual implementation for disposal as required.

Inheritance Hierarchy

      Mindscape.LightSpeed.Web.Mvc..::.LightSpeedControllerBase<(Of <(TUnitOfWork>)>)

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