The CoverFlow control presents a collection of items as a horizontal list, with the selected item centred and enlarged. Unselected items are shown smaller around the selected item, optionally with a pseudo-3D “tilt” effect.

CoverFlow is typically used to present a gallery of images such as book covers or video previews.

The CoverFlow control has a large number of options which you can use to control the visual appearance of the list, including:

You can also select whether the user needs to click to select an item, or merely point. (Pointing provides a very easy and attractive way to sweep through a large number of items, but may require careful layout to ensure that the user is able to stop once the desired item is selected.) The QuickStart sample provides a dashboard that you can use to experiment with these options to choose the right user interaction and visual appearance for your application.

CopyExample Usage
<ms:CoverFlow ItemsSource="{Binding Images}" 
              ItemWidth="180" ItemHeight="180" 
              ScaleX="0.75" ScaleY="0.75"