Returns a Point containing the X and Y logical axis values of the given DataPoint. In the case that the given data object is a primitive numerical value, the reverseAxes parameter can be used to specify that YAxis is the independent axis instead of the XAxis by default. This is useful for data series such as horizontal bar charts.

Namespace: Mindscape.SilverlightElements.Charting
Assembly: Mindscape.SilverlightElements (in Mindscape.SilverlightElements.dll) Version: (


protected internal Point GetPoint(
	CartesianDataPoint dataPoint,
	bool reverseAxes
Visual Basic
Protected Friend Function GetPoint ( _
	dataPoint As CartesianDataPoint, _
	reverseAxes As Boolean _
) As Point
Visual C++
protected public:
Point GetPoint(
	CartesianDataPoint^ dataPoint, 
	bool reverseAxes


Type: Mindscape.SilverlightElements.Charting..::..CartesianDataPoint
The CartesianDataPoint holding the data to calculate a Point for.
Type: System..::..Boolean
Specifies whether or not the YAxis is the independent axis.

Return Value

A Point containg the X and Y axis values for the given data object.

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