LightSpeed 3 licensing changes

Ever since version 1, LightSpeed has used a rather specialised “We Make Kittens Cry” licensing regime, based on licensing not per seat or per site, but on per intellectual property owner. A lot of customers found this rather confusing, so for LightSpeed 3 we’re changing to a more conventional per-developer policy.

If you’re an existing customer, what does this mean for you?

First, if you purchased LightSpeed within the last 12 months, you get a free upgrade for all your current developers. You’ll need to let us know how many seats you have. You can do this from your account page and you’ll have LightSpeed 3.0 immediately!

Second, if you purchased LightSpeed more than 12 months ago, you’ll get a heavily discounted upgrade for all your current developers. You can do this from your account page and obtain LightSpeed 3.0 immediately after payment.

Since pricing is per developer, you do not need to buy an additional licence for your build server. We’ve found continuous integration to be a huge asset in terms of maintaining and delivering products, and we don’t want to put any obstacles in the way of your using LightSpeed in a continuous integration environment!

Another change in LightSpeed 3 is that there is no more Standard or Enterprise Edition. There’s only the free Express edition, and the unlimited Professional edition. Source code is available with the Professional edition, but it’s a one-off purchase, not per-seat ($499 USD). Existing Standard customers will be upgraded to Professional. Existing Enterprise customers will receive a source code licence along with their new seats.

So make a kitten happy. Upgrade to LightSpeed 3 today.

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  • Haven’t had a chance to play with 3.0 yet as I’ve been busy with other things, but just like to say I’m very impressed with the fact that we got a free upgrade due to buying in the last 12 months. Ta very muchly.

  • Does this mean that if I create three different web sites for three different companies and I am the only developer that my total cost is $199?

  • @Pablo Glad to hear you appreciate it :-)

    @Joe That is what the change means, yes. This should be useful for services companies and for developers who generally provide services to several companies.

    I hope that helps :-)

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  • My LightSpeed 2 Standard Edition License date is 18 October 2008, do I’ll get a free upgrade ?
    please, please, please say yes.

  • Hi Joan,

    Unfortunately we cannot offer a free upgrade, but we do have a 50% discounted upgrade price available to 2.x users who purchased over 12 months ago. You can take advantage of this in the store at

    I hope that helps.

  • In our case we deploy our product on the client site.
    We are planning to get the lightspeed 3.0 developer licenses for the development team but are not sure of the implications for our customers.
    Does that mean that our customers will also have to purchase a separate lightspeed license for using our product?

  • No, your customers will not need a separate LightSpeed licence, unless they start doing their own development using LightSpeed (e.g. if you hand over source code for their IT department to maintain). You can freely deploy the LightSpeed runtime as part of your product.

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