The Mindscape Silverlight ColorPicker just got more colorful

The Mindscape Silverlight Elements control suite comes with 2 types of color picker controls. One of them provides multiple ways for the user to pick a color. This includes picking a color from a list, a color palette or customizing the RGB values. The second one is an Office style color palette control.

Mindscape Silverlight color pickers

The color palettes in both of these controls can be customized by a developer by changing the colors it displays, adding more colors and providing a custom layout. We are pleased to announce that Mindscape Silverlight Elements now comes with 41 predefined color palettes to get you started. These new color palettes display a beautiful range of colors and will be familiar to Microsoft Office users. Each and every color has also been given a name which gets displayed in a tooltip.

Some of the color palettes available in Mindscape Silverlight Elements

The color palettes can be found in the StandardPalettes class. Each palette has its own static property which has been named after the equivelent theme in Microsoft Office. For example, GrayscalePalette, ApexPalette, FlowPalette and so on. To use one of the palettes with a color picker control, you simply need to use this code:

PaletteColorPicker cp = new PaletteColorPicker();
cp.Palette = StandardPalettes.FlowPalette;

These new color palettes are available through the latest nightly build (trial version here, customers can download from their account). If there are any features or controls that you would like to see in Mindscape Silverlight Elements, then let us know by leaving a comment on this blog post or drop by our forum.

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