Mindscape Elements for Windows Presentation Foundation

Mindscape WPF Elements provides a variety of controls for both line of business and consumer applications. The control suite is designed in a modular, composable way and supports standard WPF idioms such as data binding and styling. Controls include:

All controls come with a set of attractive themes allowing you to present them in an Office or Expression style as well as the default Windows control style.

See QuickStart for examples of using these controls.


The Mindscape WPF Elements library is provided as a Windows Installer (MSI) file. Run this file to install the product. The installer creates Start menu entries under Mindscape > WPF Elements. If Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010 is present on the machine, the installer also creates a Mindscape tab in the Visual Studio toolbox and adds the Elements controls to this tab (see Troubleshooting if the tab does not appear).