Built-In Editors

The property grid provides the following built-in editors which applications can select and customize as described under Customization.

Key Description Default Usage
ReadOnlyDisplayKey Displays the property value as a read-only string, with the disabled appearance. Any non-writeable property, or any property that has no in-place editor (and therefore has to be displayed as an expanding tree).
SimpleTextEditorKey Displays the property value as a string and allows editing. All string and numeric types.
ListSelectEditorKey Displays the property value in a drop-down list containing all permitted values. All enum and boolean types.
RadioSelectEditorKey Displays the property value in a drop-down set of radio buttons containing all permitted values.  
CheckBoxEditorKey Displays a boolean value as a check box, checked for true, unchecked for false.  
SliderEditorKey Displays a numeric value using a horizontal slider.  
NumericUpDownEditorKey Displays a numeric value as a string and allows editing, and also allows the value to be increased or decreased using “spin” buttons.  
DateEditorKey Displays a date value on a drop-down calendar DateTime types.
ColorEditorKey Displays a color value and a drop-down picker WPF Color types. Note that System.Drawing.Color is not supported in the present version.
CollectionDisplayKey Displays a summary of a collection Collection types.
ManyEditorKey Displays an editor or a “multiple values” indicator Multiple selected objects.

In addition, PropertyGrid.CollectionElementEditorKey identifies a decorator template that is applied to collection elements.