Split Button

The SplitButton control displays a button which the user can click normally, but with an arrow that the user can select to drop down a selection of alternative commands. It is typically used where it’s important for the user to be able to rapidly access a “typical” command, but you also want to provide convenient access to variations or alternative commands. For example, in a search application you could use a split button for “get more results,” with the default action being to get the next 20 results but the drop-down offering options to get the next 10, 50 or 100 results instead.

The drop-down options are specified via the DropDownItems property, and may be MenuItems or Separators. For example:

<ms:SplitButton Content="Get Next Results">
    <MenuItem Header="Next 10 Results" />
    <MenuItem Header="Next 20 Results" />
    <MenuItem Header="Next 50 Results" />
    <MenuItem Header="Next 100 Results" />
    <Separator />
    <MenuItem Header="All Results" />


You can create custom templates for the SplitButton using the standard WPF approach. Any custom template you create must contain the following element:

PART_ToggleButton ToggleButton which opens and closes the drop-down menu.