Specifies the cause of a ScheduleItem being created.

Namespace: Mindscape.SilverlightElements
Assembly: Mindscape.SilverlightElements (in Mindscape.SilverlightElements.dll) Version: (


public enum ScheduleItemCreationType
Visual Basic
Public Enumeration ScheduleItemCreationType
Visual C++
public enum class ScheduleItemCreationType


Member nameValueDescription
TextInput0 The user has input some text to trigger the creation of a ScheduleItem.
DoubleClick1 The user has double clicked on a day or time slot to trigger the creation of a ScheduleItem.
CreateHereButton2 The user has hovered the mouse over a day or time slot and then clicked the create-here button that appeared.
AddItemToolBarButton3 The user has used the add-item button found in the navigation tool bar.

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