Converts a date to a string suitable for display as the day caption in a monthly view. By default, this is the day of the month (e.g. "15"). However, if the day is part of a week that spans a month boundary, then the month is appended if the day is the first day of that week, or the first day of the month. For example, in the week beginning 29 March 2010, 29 March would be formatted as "29 Mar", 30 March as "30", 31 March as "31" and 1 April as "1 Apr". Similar display logic applies to weeks that span a year boundary.

Namespace: Mindscape.SilverlightElements
Assembly: Mindscape.SilverlightElements (in Mindscape.SilverlightElements.dll) Version: (


public class DateTimeToDayOfMonthStringConverter : IValueConverter
Visual Basic
Public Class DateTimeToDayOfMonthStringConverter _
	Implements IValueConverter
Visual C++
public ref class DateTimeToDayOfMonthStringConverter : IValueConverter

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