Codemania NZ 2013 – it’s gonna be a good one!



Like the creators of Codemania say, if you care about your career and your profession; if you want to be educated and entertained, you need to be at Codemania. We whole heartedly agree with this, which is why we’re sponsoring the event this year.

The idea for Codemania was born in the minds of two passionate devs in Auckland New Zealand, when they saw the need for a local conference that would have talks from globally acknowledged leaders in their fields about a wide range of technologies. Codemania 2013 couldn’t have any wider a range – with the Agenda covering everything from Backbone.js to language type systems.

Codemania first kicked off in 2012, and was hugely successful with talks from the likes of Phil Haack and Michael Koziarski to a crowd of 280 attendees. The criteria for the event? “It would need to inspire us to become better and importantly it would need to be local and affordable“, said Ian Randal, co-founder of Codemania.

“In October we put on a mid-year event called Codemania after-dark featuring 4 fabulous local speakers and the Software Journeyman himself, Corey Haines. We’re really looking forward to Codemania 2013 – the speaker line up is looking awesome, we have booked a world-class venue to match the event and early-bird registration is now open!”

This years speakers include  Paul Betts, Glenn Block, Brandon Keeper, Philip Laureano, Amy Palamountain, Aaron Powell, Ivan Towlson and Darren Wood. That’s a lot of talent in one day –  you should get yourself a ticket, like, now!

Follow the action here on twitter for more Codemania related updates, and general awesomeness :-)

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Charles Petzold is speaking in LA, and we’re sponsoring the event with prizes!

So you’ve probably heard of Charles Petzold – he’s kind of a big deal! You know the dude that gets referred to as ‘the father of Windows programming, and has been spotted in a Windows 8 basket ball uniform recently…

This well known “Father of Windows Programming” and author of the 6 editions of Programming Windows, among many other publications, will be speaking to our lucky friends at the V_Next OC user group on February 12th. Mindscape are also providing software prizes to the attendees to add to the excitement.

Charles Petzold will be speaking on the exploration of analog vs. digital computation, and of course will be signing copies of his most famous book for his avid fans.

In the area? Visit the vNext_OC meetup group for updates on location, or follow them on Twitter. Getting your tweet on? Use #vNext_OC as a hashtag!   


Charles Petzold will be speaking for the vNext_OC user group!

Not only will there be a legendary speaker, but some pretty awesome prizes (Mindscape software anyone?)!

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Global Day of Code Retreat – practice perfect code



Global Day of Code Retreat. You may have heard of it – it’s all about practicing the basic principles of software development and design without the deadlines, and just having to ‘make do’ in order to get things done.

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, hundreds of open and free Code Retreats will be taking place all over the world (albeit, in varying time zones), and thousands of avid coders will have the chance to focus on the fundamentals of modular and object-oriented design.

Mindscape are a proud sponsor for the Wellington Kiwi Code Retreat this weekend, making sure attendees are well fed – so they can concentrate on writing perfect code for a day.

This full day of focused practice involves 6 sessions where coders work in pairs to improve skills while programming under certain conditions in any language of their choice. The theory of this method is that the more perfect code is practiced, the cleaner it will become in every day practice which minimizes the cost of change over time. Code Retreat’s founder, Corey Haines, explains it all in this rad talk.

You can follow the event here on twitter, using this as the hash-tag #gdcr12.

A big thanks to Amy and our very own Martin for putting this event on for Wellington code-monkeys!

Bring on Conway, and his game of life!

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JavaScript Saturday

JavaScript Saturday is taking place on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center – and we’re exciting to be on board as a sponsor of this rad event.

JavaScript Saturday is a complete one-day Training from the best of the Javascript experts aimed at all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a newbie to JavaScript, or you’ve been showing that code who’s boss for years – there’s a track for you lined up in the schedule.

To learn more about JavaScript frameworks and how to advance in your career, register here – it’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the best speakers around, in a great location and go from beginner to advanced in a day!

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We’re sponsoring El Guille’s Tour Peru 2012

In November Mindscape are sponsoring not one, but SIX events in Peru.

Yeah, you heard right – INETA Latin America is hosting an event in Peru in a few weeks, and Mindscape are providing sponsorship for all 6 of the locations. A MS MVP from Spain (Guillermo Som, aka. “El Guille”) will be presenting, and is touring Peru to give talks in 6 major cities.

The event is hosted by INETA Latam, and there are many other MVP speakers lined up to present (or ‘expositores’ – that’s Spanish for exhibitors).

Guillermo is the author of a popular Spanish-language programming website, which was started in 1996 . He also:

  • has been a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic since 1997,
  • has been editor of the journal dotNetManía (now DNM),
  • has written online courses for Microsoft,
  • has given lectures and courses at several universities,
  • is a INETA Latam international speaker,
  • is a mentor with Solid Quality Mentors
  • and is the author of several books both print and electronic on Visual Basic and C #.

You can see why the tech folk of Peru are so keen to see him! He also has a huge following on his blog, and you can catch him on Facebook and Twitter.

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