Web Workbench 3.3 Released!

Web Workbench is a plugin for Visual Studio to provide Sass, Less and CoffeeScript editing! It includes all the essentials for making modern web development pain free in Visual Studio.

Today we are announcing the release of version 3.3 of Web Workbench which now supports Visual Studio 2013 and includes updates for Sass 3.3, Less 1.7, CoffeeScript 1.7 and dozens of improvements and bug fixes that have been requested by our customers over the past year.

Support for Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013

Web Workbench has been updated with support for Visual Studio 2013. We released this as a supplemental update for Web Workbench 3.2 last year and we have rolled up all of the associated bug fixes made since that time into this release of Web Workbench.

Support for Source Maps

Source Maps

Source maps are a standard format for providing a mapping between an obfuscated or minified output and its original readable source. For Sass and Less this means that your browser can now tell you exactly which line of your source files each style rule came from and for CoffeeScript you can map back from minified JavaScript to the source line in your CoffeeScript file. We have added options into Web Workbench for each file type to selectively enable this feature, in each case when enabled a .map.extension file will be created along side the standard output.

You can enable these under Tools/Options/Web Workbench.

Sass updated to version 3.3

We have updated our Sass compiler to version 3.3.8 which brings in support for new features and improvements made in the 3.3 release. There is a detailed list of these changes on the Sass blog. To complement this we have also updated the Compass compiler to version 0.12.6.

Less updated to version 1.7

We have updated our Less compiler to version 1.7.1 which includes quite a number of changes since Web Workbench 3.2. You can read more about what has changed since then in the change log on their Github repository.

CoffeeScript updated to version 1.7

We have updated our CoffeeScript compiler to version 1.7.1 which like Less brings the current version up to date since Web Workbench 3.2. You can read about whats new in the change log section on the main CoffeeScript site.

Get it right now

You can update to this version by going to your account page or by downloading it from the Visual Studio gallery. If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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Mindscape awarded in SD Times 100!

I’m very pleased to announce that Mindscape has been awarded a top placing in the SD Times 100 in the category of ALM & Development Tools! We’re in good company with other winners such as Microsoft and IBM.


The whole team here at Mindscape is grateful to all of you who nominated us for the products we build. We’re just getting started!

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LightSpeed 5 Now Available!

LightSpeed ORM for .NET

The day has finally arrived and we’re excited to announce LightSpeed 5. The worlds best .NET ORM just got even better!

Here’s a run down on some of the best improvements. Keep in mind that the change log for LightSpeed is the longest we’ve ever had so these are just the highlights — there is awesomeness sprinkled everywhere.

Compiled Queries

LightSpeed already had one of the fastest query generation processes of any .NET ORM but now we support Compiled Queries also. Compiled Queries mean that we can side step the cost of query generation almost entirely on subsequent queries where only variables change (e.g. ‘SELECT name FROM user WHERE Id = {ID}’).

Lets take a peek at how this compares between LightSpeed 4 and LightSpeed 5

LightSpeed 4 vs. LightSpeed 5

Pretty impressive! 59% performance improvement in simple queries.

Of course LightSpeed has always been pretty impressive compared to what’s out there. Here’s those same numbers in comparison to Entity Framework.

LightSpeed vs. the Rest

You can see why software professionals pick LightSpeed. It’s not just significantly more efficient in querying, but it is also a lot easier to use and saves you valuable development hours (the many hours saved not shown in the graphs!)

Automatic compiled queries

Compiled queries are a cool new addition. You know what else is cool? When they get applied automatically! We’ve made sure that if you call FindById, for example, LightSpeed will internally create a compiled query so all your fetches by Id automatically go faster.

Along with automatically occurring with FindById, LightSpeed will use this technique when walking lazy loaded collections (e.g. User.Posts would use a compiled query). This means when you’re doing simple things like walking collections you’re going at maximum speed.

More speed, automatically!

First class SQL 2012 support

We’ve included a new SQL Server 2012 data provider. This is great because we already had support for all the modern data types like SQLGeography, HierarchyID and CLR Types and now you can use LightSpeed to natively target SQL Server 2012 including leveraging the new SEQUENCE support for identity generation.

More friendly design surface

LightSpeed Designer

The LightSpeed Designer has been improved to help new users. It will now do nice things like offer to create a KeyTable for you if you don’t have one setup but are using the KeyTable identity type. A common speed bump for new users that we wanted to clear up.

You can also display table data for a given entity directly within Visual Studio. This helps avoid needing to fire up SQL Management Studio or other tool to see your data.

For those of you who have not worked with a Visual Studio integrated designer that doesn’t suck, you’ll find the LightSpeed Designer a breath of fresh air. It has database-first and model-first design support, smart filtering, works with a bunch of different databases and much more. You can read more about designer specific features here.

There are several other improvements to make the designer more robust, provide better error messages and improve database syncing.

Grab it now!

You’ll love how easy LightSpeed is to use and won’t look back. If you’ve never used LightSpeed you can grab the forever free version and give it a test drive!

Existing customers with active subscriptions already have LightSpeed 5 available from their accounts.

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Black Friday sale – act quickly for an amazing deal!

Sales over! Thanks to the hundreds of folks who picked up great deals!

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Get Windows 8 Metro Elements for as little as $1 – crazy, but true!

Metro Elements For Windows 8

To kick off the launch of the Metro Elements beta, we’re running an exciting pre-purchase deal. If you act quickly, you could get your hands on the full commercial license for as little as $1! The final release price will be $799 – so you should take advantage of this chance to get the best deal possible!

But you’ve got to act fast!

If you’re the first one to click this link and snap up the opportunity to get the entire suite for just $1, that means the second person can purchase the suite for $2 and so on. The price increases by a dollar every time a pre-purchase is bought! 

Need convincing? Remember, time is ticking…

Time is of the essence, so here’s a speedy top 5 reasons why you should pre-purchase the Metro Elements, pronto:

  1. The final release will be priced at $799  – you’re literally saving hundreds!
  2. The best controls in the business are already ready to go in the current beta – think of the amazing Windows 8 apps you’ll be building!
  3. You get 12 months of updates and nightly builds – plus the legendary support Mindscape is known for
  4. Only apps built with WinRT can be used in the Windows 8 app store – so if you want a head start, you’ll need a kick ass component library!
  5. If you don’t want to get started on your Windows 8 apps right now that’s fine, there’ll be a a full control suite waiting for you when you’re ready

Beat the masses and be the first – don’t miss on this massive discount!

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