Mindscape becomes exclusive Castle Stronghold Partner

I’m excited to announce that Mindscape has reached an exclusive partnership deal with Castle Stronghold, a Brazilian based company delivering enterprise based solutions based on beliefs of software quality and agile development practices.

Castle Stronghold was created by the founder of the Castle project, an open source framework which has helped developers worldwide build on recognised software patterns and techniques to deliver successful software solutions.

This is the first partnership of its kind that Castle Stronghold has entered into and we are delighted to be chosen as their foundation partner.

This partnership enables Mindscape to further cement our focus on developing highly robust solutions using quality tools and techniques. Mindscape now has the exclusive New Zealand rights to working directly with Castle Stronghold meaning that Mindscape is the most highly qualified organisation in New Zealand for providing solutions that leverage the Castle project.

More about the Castle project:

The Castle project is a collection of open source frameworks and components that apply modern and robust principals to enable faster solution delivery with more confidence in the quality of a delivered solution on the .NET framework. Currently several people at Mindscape have submitted patches that have been accepted into this project and this deal highlights our further commitment to the project.

Click here to visit the Castle Project homepage.

More about Castle Stronghold:

Castle Stronghold is the company created by the founder of the Castle Project and is now the sponsor of the Castle project. Castle Stronghold was created to leverage the demand for delivering Castle based solutions.

Click here to visit the Castle Stronghold homepage.

If you have any questions regarding this partnership please email me.

John-Daniel Trask

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