Develop amazing WinRT applications in half the time with the help of Metro Elements!

Metro Elements is our effort to create the best suite of WinRT controls available on the market. Mindscape has a deep history of working with the various XAML platforms built by Microsoft and we think we've learned a great deal about how to make them shine. We dived on WinRT as soon as we could and built our controls from the ground up to support both mouse and touch input. You'll be amazed at the great experiences you can build with relatively little effort when you choose Mindscape Metro Elements!

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19 Controls and counting!

Performance built in

Mindscape products are known for their superior performance and our WinRT controls are no different. Crafted from the ground up and based on our deep understanding of building performance in across all other XAML platforms we created the highest performance controls available. Not all WinRT devices are powerful so you always want great performing controls!

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Industry leading controls

Mindscape develops controls that include features and flexibility that aren't available anywhere else. Rather than wait for others to catch up you can work with the best today. You will see why our control suite is one of the most successful in the industry.

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Choice of leading companies

Who do Microsoft, AOL and hundreds of other Fortune 500 companies turn to when they're looking to build with WinRT? Mindscape. You're working with tried and true components when you choose Mindscape for your next project.

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Constantly evolving

Some companies think quarterly releases make them 'fast'. We think that is slow. All Mindscape products ship nightly builds with new features, bug fixes and enhancements so you can work with improved software as often as you like rather than once every 3 months. Mindscape software is living, breathing software.

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The most polished WinRT controls out there!

Hadi Eskandari

...amazed that something so complete exists!

Nelson Carrillo

Metro Elements provided us with the powerful graphing capabilities we needed on a project, recently.

Coupled with Mindscape's legendary customer service, choosing Metro Elements is an easy decision!

Ian Randall