Export your SimpleDB data with SimpleDB Management Tools

We’ve just added a handy new feature to SimpleDB Management Tools — you can now export the data in a SimpleDB domain to a file for offline processing. It’s as simple as clicking the new Export button!

The export function respects the current filter so you can enter a SELECT statement to export a subset of your domain. At the moment we only support exporting to XML, but if you want us to add export to other formats then just drop us a line in the forum and we’ll see what we can do.

For VS2010 users, the new build is available now from the Visual Studio Gallery — just jump into Extension Manager, click the updates tab and wait for a minute while Visual Studio goes “No updates available! No updates available! No up– oh, look, here’s one!” For VS2008 users, it will be available from the Mindscape store in about 12 hours’ time. Enjoy!

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