LightSpeed Enterprise Edition, including source code!

I’m pleased to announce that we have added additional benefits for customers who want to purchase LightSpeed Professional + Priority support. First off, we’ve changed the name to the “Enterprise Edition” to fit with the current naming standard. Second, customers who purchase this license will receive the source code to LightSpeed with their install.

What license is the source code under?

The source code falls under the license that ships with LightSpeed. The license is somewhat restrictive as LightSpeed is not an open source project and, in simple terms:

  • Allows you to view the source code
  • Allows you to modify the source code for your project
  • If the source code is modified then Mindscape will not provide support for the custom LightSpeed implementation
  • You cannot distribute, sub-license, lease, rent, loan or otherwise transfer the source.
  • Note that this list does not express the exact terms and is not legally binding, check the license for more details!

We have made the source code available so that customers can reference the source code and have extra assurance that if they really need to alter something then they can.

Existing customers

All customers who had previously purchased LightSpeed Professional + Priority Support have been upgraded to the Enterprise Edition and can download it from their account in the online store.

Initial feedback to this addition has been great with one customer commenting that this was a “PHENOMENAL. Good stuff guys!”.

Your feedback matters

This change came about based on feedback from existing customers. We strive to ensure that we deliver a product that makes software development more enjoyable and to do that we need your feedback so keep it coming! :)

John-Daniel Trask

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