Nightly builds now available

Last week we quietly added the ability to download nightly builds of LightSpeed to the website for everyone to access. We have done this for two reasons:

  • We’re geeks too, we know people like to play with cool new cutting edge stuff
  • Occasionally you might find a bug that we have fixed in a nightly build

Not yet a customer?

The Express Edition of LightSpeed is always available for free to users.

Click here to go to the LightSpeed Express nightly builds

Existing customers

We always try to keep adding value to product offering for our customers who have purchased licenses and this announcement is no different. If you have purchases a Standard, Professional or Enterprise license you can log into the store and see the nightly builds of your specific license. This means that customers do not need to be restricted by the Express nightly build.

Click here to go to the store to see your nightly builds

Note: Nightly builds are useful for testing and exploring new features. It is advised that you use the major release versions for production systems. Support for nightly builds is provided online via the online forums however we do not provide the same commercial support arrangements to nightly builds. Use them at your own risk!

John-Daniel Trask

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