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A question we’ve been receiving during our startup is “What does Mindscape do?”. Mindscape is primarily a product development company, we’re working on some really cool software that we’re very excited about. Understandably we’re not announcing anything yet, the products are still under development. Keep an eye on our blog if you’re keen to find out more as it happens.

We also do some consulting work that strategically fits. We have been busy creating a social networking site that allows users to contribute content for use with DreamScene, a Windows Vista Ultimate Extra created by Microsoft that enables users to run full screen video as their desktop wallpaper. The only challenge we found was that there was very few places to obtain content designed for such high definition video. The solution? BackgroundMotion.

BackgroundMotion is both a solution to a problem and a working demonstration of how to develop composite applications. We have used BackgroundMotion in recent Microsoft 2007 Technical Briefings. We plan on making the site live to users in the near future as well as delivering the source code and videos on how it was developed. This will be a great resource for anyone looking to create similar systems quickly.

It’s been great meeting so many people recently as we begin ramping up our companies image. We welcome your feedback and we will be posting regularly about Mindscape and some of the cool things we’re building.

John-Daniel Trask

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