Template for Windows Sidebar Gadget development

Earlier in the year we posted up a number of posts around Gadget development.

Based on feedback from a number of people interested in developing Gadgets for the Windows Sidebar, we have put together a community template to help kick-start your Sidebar Gadget development.

The template includes:

  • New “Web Site” templates for Visual Studio 2005
  • Guidance documentation with how-to’s
  • Samples covering RSS, .NET integration and integrating with Silverlight

To use the template you will need Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2005 installed on your development machine.

You can download it from: http://community.mindscape.co.nz/Windows%20Vista%20Sidebar%20Gadget%20Template%20-%20RC.msi right now, so download it and give us some feedback!

We are planning to update the template with feedback and contributions, so please email them through.

If you want some ideas of Gadgets you could build, take a look at http://www.microsoft.com/nz/windows/gadgets/default.mspx to see what others have been building!


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