Summer of Code

My name is Mathew Campbell-Adams. I’m a student at Vic, studying towards a BSc in Computer Science and Maths, and an LLB; I’ve just finished my third year, and because of my degree choice, I’ve got at least another two to go.

Summer of Code and Me

The Summer of Code internship programme (unrelated to the Google Summer of Code internship programme) began last year to help IT students get experience in the industry. Last year I applied and ended up working over summer for ProjectX. I applied again this year, largely because it means I don’t have to go applying to companies myself, and because law firms won’t take me yet (there’s no future in the law anyway, apparently, so it’s probably for the best). For my part of the process, I had to prepare my CV (untouched since the last Summer of Code), sit a test which ranked me against other applicants, have interviews with a number of companies (in my case eight), and select which companies I could bear to work three months for. The companies then listed the students in order of preference, and some algorithm matched the applicants with the companies. I was matched with Mindscape, which was incidentally the only company in the interviews that required applicants to write code.

Mindscape and Me

I began this week working here at Mindscape. I’ve been working for the past few days learning about LightSpeed, and getting up to scratch with the .NET framework. Over my time here, I’ll be working on a number of projects, some of which, excitingly, may even be available for all the world to use (or at least the part of the world that use LightSpeed).


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