5 cool features in LightSpeed 2.0

We are plowing ahead with our development of LightSpeed 2.0 – our current beta is currently being poked and prodded to ensure it is rock solid and we’re progressing with the remaining features.

Rather than solicit more beta testers (although you can still sign up) I thought I’d list five reasons why we’re excited about LightSpeed 2.0 :)

  1. LINQ everywhere – LINQ to LightSpeed means .Net 3.5 users can leverage the power of LINQ when writing their queries but still use the performance features that we are known for (like Named Aggregates)
  2. Designer support – Full modeling support for your domain models directly from Visual Studio 2008. Drag and drop your tables onto the design surface, have associations automatically set up, easily setup validation attributes on model properties and much more.
  3. Database support – SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite are all supported. This means that LightSpeed 2.0 will be one of the first data access frameworks that provides LINQ to Oracle, LINQ to PostgreSQL, LINQ to MySQL and LINQ to SQLite!
  4. Command line tools – Some folks prefer using command line tools to generate simple model classes so we have included this as well as the Visual Studio integrated designer support.
  5. The simplest, fastest and most lightweight O/RM for .NET – The right balance of power vs. complexity has always been our focus with LightSpeed and this hasn’t changed for version 2.0. There has been considerable work done to tweak, optimize and enhance much of LightSpeed :-)

We appreciate any feedback you may have (which features you like, what’s missing, what would you need to see to switch from what you’re using, etc).


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