WPF Elements 1.0 released!

Today we shipped WPF Elements 1.0. This is a suite of controls aimed primarily at line of business applications, and fills in some of the gaps in the built-in WPF control set compared to Windows Forms: familiar controls like the MaskedTextBox, numeric editor controls (with up-down support) and DateTimePicker. There’s also a multi-column tree view (aka TreeListView) and a couple of infrastructure controls including a generic drop-down which allows you to create combo-box-like experiences without the ComboBox limitations.

You get get more details about WPF Elements at http://www.mindscape.co.nz/Products/WpfElements/default.aspx.

Over the coming days we’ll be posting on the blog about the WPF Elements controls and how you can leverage and customise them in your applications. JD has already leaked some tasters over in the screenshot gallery — follow the blog over the next few days to see how these were done.

As with all Mindscape products, you’re welcome to try it out before making a decision about purchase. The trial edition includes all the samples and online help, which should give you lots of ideas about how you can use and customise the controls, but check back on the blog for more samples and tips.

We welcome any feedback about this product, and if you have any suggestions for related products that you’d like to see us create, let us know. In the meantime, download the trial and give it a spin!

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