What’s coming in 2009 from Mindscape?

Happy new year everybody, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic break and recharge over the last couple of weeks. We have returned energized and ready to bring a slew of new products and enhancements to our line up.

Amazon SimpleDB Love

SimpleDB went into public beta late last year and people have been playing with it to work out what cool things they can do with it. Of course we thought that with the rising interest in “the cloud” that adding support for SimpleDB to LightSpeed would be a nice first step. If you’re interested in using the only .NET O/R Mapper that supports SimpleDB then you can get the latest nightly which already supports SimpleDB! Grab the latest nightly from the nightly build page.

But wait, there’s more!

As part of Ivan exploring SimpleDB we rapidly found that we needed to build some things to make it easier for us to work with SimpleDB. Not out the door yet but coming very soon, we will ship a SimpleDB add-in for Visual Studio which will enable you to manage your SimpleDB domains and data in a fashion similar to SQL Management Studio, and of course to create LightSpeed models from your SimpleDB domains.

Editing data and managing SimpleDB domains inside Visual Studio

WPF goodies

Adding to our existing line up of the WPF Property Grid and WPF Elements we will be significantly enhancing our WPF product line up in in the first half of 2009.

LightSpeed 2.2

LightSpeed is continuing to evolve and it will be an exciting year for what we have planned for LightSpeed. LightSpeed 2.2 will be shipping shortly and includes several major features:

  • Stored procedure support
  • Dynamic data support
  • SimpleDB database support
  • Many more smaller enhancements

Of course all of these will be available in the nightly builds if you want to get your hands on them early – many already are!

Anything else?

We have other plans for later in the year however our best source of inspiration around new products and enhancements is you – our excellent geek audience. What would you love to see delivered in 2009?

Here’s to making 2009 a huge year!

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  • Great stuff. It’s exciting to see ORM SimpleDB support on the .NET platform.

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