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Mindscape SimpleDB Management Tools

With the present buzz around cloud computing, it’s proved a timely moment for Amazon’s SimpleDB database service to come out of beta. And since it’s free for low-volume usage there’s been a big uptick of interest in SimpleDB. However, although Amazon provide APIs and libraries for programming against SimpleDB, they don’t provide any off the shelf tools for quickly managing or viewing your SimpleDB data.

We’re therefore pleased to announce the release of SimpleDB Management Tools, a Visual Studio add-in that you can use to manage your Amazon SimpleDB domains and data from within VS2008.

Execute a sql query from SimpleDB Management Tools

Using SimpleDB Management Tools, you can create and delete domains, view the contents of your domains, run queries and edit and save data, using the kind of visual interface familiar from traditional databases such as SQL Server or MySQL. SimpleDB Management Tools installs itself as a data provider in Server Explorer, from where you can navigate your domains and launch query windows. Click here to find out more.

SimpleDB Management Tools also integrates with LightSpeed so you can drag SimpleDB domains from Server Explorer onto your model just as you can with any other database. (You’ll need a recent nightly of LightSpeed for this as we have added native SimpleDB support from LightSpeed!)

There’s a free version of SimpleDB Management Tools available. The free version only allows you to view or edit the first 20 results of a query, but is otherwise fully functional and is not time-restricted. Please note that you’ll need Visual Studio 2008 Standard edition or above. Purchasing a license is inexpensive at only $29 per seat and is available immediately from the secure Mindscape store.

Take it out for a spin today and let us know what you think!

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5 Responses to “SimpleDB Management Tools Released”

  • Great tool guys! Really like it!

  • […] announced the release of SimpleDB Management Tools, a Visual Studio add-in that you can use manage your Amazon SimpleDB domains and data […]

  • Have you considered making your SimpleDB Management Tools capable of also interfacing with M/DB which is an API-compatible alternative to M/DB? Should just be a matter of pointing at a different URL. See It would be a cool addition.

  • Hi Rob,

    We’ll take a look at that. Sounds interesting even if only for our own purposes as a local test bed (for speed and for not having to worry about Amazon’s “eventually” replication). Thanks for letting us know about it!

  • Just a quick follow-up that you may be interested to hear. M/DB has now been released as an Open Source product. Full details at The latest version is also even faster than before!

    As you’ve noted, one advantage of M/DB is avoiding SimpleDB’s “eventual consistency”.

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