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One of the challenges with LightSpeed is that end users install it, create a model and then wonder what they need to do next to actually start using their LightSpeed domain models. It’s a query that we’re working hard to resolve by improving the first time experience. We think we have been doing that consistently with every release – improved help files, code generation tools and now we have made available a simple “Getting started with LightSpeed” screencast.

The screencast walks through:

  • Creating a model using the LightSpeed Designer for Visual Studio 2008
  • Configuring LightSpeed in a simple manner using your applications .config file
  • What a LightSpeed Context is, how it relates to a Unit Of Work
  • Writing CRUD style queries

It is designed as an introduction – seasoned LightSpeed users probably won’t learn anything new but we do hope it’s helpful for those who have decided to give LightSpeed a try and want to get going fast. How fast? The video is 11 minutes long.

Watch getting started with LightSpeed (Flash, streamed)
Download getting started with LightSpeed for local viewing (WMV, 16 MB)

Any feedback is appreciated – if you can think of anything else that we can do to make learning LightSpeed easier then drop us a comment!

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