WPF Flow Diagrams beta

NOTE: This product has now come out of beta, and is available on the site. Add a WPF Flow Diagram to your application with the free trial.

We’re pleased to announce the beta for our new WPF Flow Diagrams product. WPF Flow Diagrams is a toolkit for adding flow diagramming functionality to Windows Presentation Foundation applications. As befits a WPF component, it provides extensive support for customisation and styling as well as a standard “out of the box” look.

Here’s an example from the QuickStart sample included with the beta:

Flow Diagrams quick start

And of course you can theme it up: here’s the same diagram using a different style including a custom graph-paper-like background:

Same diagram with alternate style

And Jason offers a tribute to xkcd:

The geek force is strong in this one

We’ll be posting more articles in the near future about how to create and style diagrams using the WPF Flow Diagrams toolkit, but in the meantime, take the beta out for a spin and see what you can create!

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  • Very cool..

    I’ll use this tommorow to help plan out some additions to Expression Blend :)

    Dogfooding the dogfood!

    Scott Barnes
    Rich Platforms Product Manager

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