Mindscape MVC – Extensions for ASP.NET MVC and LightSpeed

Now that ASP.NET MVC has been released we expect to see lots of people interested in building web sites based on this new offering. We have already been hearing from lots of our LightSpeed customers who are doing just that.

What we and others have found is that there are some very useful extensions you can equip yourself with to help to help integrate your LightSpeed entities nicely in with your controllers and views to handle automatic unbinding, validation concerns and the like.

Mindscape community code

To this end we are setting up a community project with a set of useful extensions and samples which you can leverage when building your ASP.NET MVC sites using LightSpeed. We have posted this up as the first of our community code projects at http://www.mindscape.co.nz/code – I will be building up the library a bit with our bits as part of my blog series on ASP.NET MVC and LightSpeed. Justin Thirkell from Intergen has also sent through some of the bits they have been using to help automate their client side validation code using jQuery so I will get that in there shortly :)

Check out the project and we look forward to evolving it with your contributions as well. Join us over in the community forum for discussion relating to this effort.

Happy coding!

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5 Responses to “Mindscape MVC – Extensions for ASP.NET MVC and LightSpeed”

  • What would be interesting is the co-operation with xval framework, imho the best approach to validation in the MVC world (using JQuery on client side).

    what are your oppinions on this? Seems powerfull, nice, easy to use…

  • Yep – totally. The sample the guys from Intergen sent through was using XVal to auto generate client side validation. I will be adding this in to the project shortly :)

  • Mindscape releases open source ASP.NET MVC extensions…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout…

  • What does it currently contain, could not find anything, anyway congrats at least some company is developing something on ASP.NET MVC.

  • @jantu It currently contains helpers to aid in building MVC solutions using our LightSpeed product. We’re going to be adding additional pieces to make things like sophisticated routing more approachable, better error handling, etc in the coming weeks.

    It’s early days and you are welcome to submit code if you have some fancy bits you think others would appreciate having :-)

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