LS3 Enhancement: No uninstall needed

Just a short post about one of the small enhancements that have just been committed for LightSpeed 3.0 – automatic uninstall of previous versions when running the installer.

This might not sound like a change worth mentioning but for those of you grabbing nightly builds to try out new features or get a bug fix, it will be super helpful. Previously you would have to go and uninstall the previous version via the add/remove programs control panel applet which was always a bit of a hassle. We always try to do as much as we can to remove frustrations and time-sucking aspects of a developers life so decided it was time to streamline this process.

Now the installer will check for any previous install of the current major version and remove it and proceed to install the new version.

I’ve pushed this up to the 2.2 nightly builds to ensure that it’s rock solid for 3.0 but so far our testing shows it’s working well. If you grab the newest nightly you will require to do one last manual uninstall and then it should be smooth sailing for future nightly builds.

We will also roll this out to our other products in a few weeks. Let us know if you have any issues :-)

Happy coding!

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  • one question, will version 3.0 be “full” C# 3.0 codebase (e.g. “cleaned” with lang enhancement goodies) or are you still using .NET 2.0/3.0 and LS will require .NET 3.5 only when working with LINQ.

    just my 2$, but I think it is time to move to .NET 3.5 fully, .NET 4.0 is knocking on the door already…

  • Our plan is as follows:

    * The main LightSpeed assembly will be revved to 3.5 SP1. This is necessary to support some features which cannot be implemented in external assemblies because they require certain 3.x attributes or interfaces to be implemented on core classes.

    * We will also have a “compatibility” assembly which runs on 2.0. This will just be the same code with the 3.x attributes and interfaces removed, so it will have the same feature set as the main assembly, except of course that it will not include support for 3.x-only scenarios.

    * Where 3.x-dependent features can be implemented externally to the main assembly, we will prefer to do so. For example, we will continue for now to ship LINQ support as a separate assembly. Although not necessary from a purely technical point of view, this helps us to maintain the 2.0 compatibility assembly with the minimum of risk and effort.

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