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Last week we launched our official Facebook presence.

We did this because we know that everyone likes to interact in different ways. We have some folks who like to follow us on Twitter, some by RSS feed on our blog and some by visiting the blog itself. Facebook is growing at a crazy rate and I’m always surprised at how much some people use the site so it seemed like a natural place to also connect with users.

The Mindscape Facebook page:

Mindscape on Facebook

What’s it good for?

The usual Facebook functionality is available to those who are friends of Mindscape: you can post on the Mindscape Wall, post pictures, start discussion groups and more. It’s a great way to connect with other users more easily and discuss things – we’ll be there to add our thoughts too and appreciate the full feedback cycle. You don’t need to limit yourself to Mindscape Product Propaganda discussion either – we’re a pretty geeky company so if there’s something cool you think like minded people should be aware of then post it for everyone to see :-)

Also, if you’ve created an application using Mindscape tools then we’d love to see you post about it on our wall – nothing is cooler than seeing our software make great applications :-)

We’ve currently set up the main wall to read our blog feed so if you don’t like RSS readers but do like Facebook then you can easily keep up to date with what we’re blogging about.

Looking for support?

The facebook site isn’t intended to provide support for Mindscape software. If you have a support query you should still use the support forums which are always buzzing with other users and Mindscape staff.

Next steps!

Jump on facebook and become a fan of Mindscape. While you’re there, why not leave a message and introduce yourself :-)

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