MegaPack: Save up to 30% on developer tools

I’m pleased to officially announce our full product line subscription offering: The Mindscape MegaPack.

To celebrate, we’re offering a fantastic discount for everyone!

Mindscape Mega Pack Special

The Mindscape MegaPack contains the following per developer:

  • LightSpeed Professional
  • WPF Property Grid
  • WPF Elements – 13 essential WPF controls
  • WPF Flow Diagrams
  • WPF Star Diagrams
  • SimpleDB Management Tools
  • All new products released by Mindscape for the duration of your subscription
  • Source code (Premium edition only)
  • Priority support (Premium edition only)

We offer two editions: Professional and Premium. The difference between the two is that the Premium Edition includes source code for the products as well as Priority Support.

Purchase today!

To celebrate the launch of these suites we’re offering a sale of up to 30% off the retail price of the Mega Pack editions. This stacks up to tremendous savings for you: not only will you be saving with our launch special but further saving by virtue of the packs already being a discount on purchasing individually.

The sale strictly ends at the end of Friday the 4th of September.

Mega Pack Premium: Normally $749, sale price $499 per developer
Mega Pack Professional: Normally $599, sale price $399 per developer

Don’t delay – lock in the savings and improve your development productivity today.

Questions and Answers

How much will subscription renewal cost?

Typically the renewal rates on the subscription will be approximately 40% of the retail price. This will provide an additional 12 months of benefits. If you elect not to renew you may continue to develop with the versions that were available as part of your subscription however you will not have new releases made available to you.

I’ve seen this in the store – is it really new?

We setup the Mega Pack products in the store some time ago due to the demand for all inclusive suites however we have not publicly announced or advertised the availability until now.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or contact me directly:

Take advantage of the special launch sale prices here.

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