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We’re proud to announce the release of LightSpeed 3.0, the latest version of our high-productivity, high-performance domain modelling framework and object-relational mapper, available for download today. LightSpeed 3 is packed with new features and we’ll be diving into them in more detail over the coming weeks, but here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

Querying enhancements

LightSpeed 3.0 offers a massively extended querying engine, with support for joins, grouping and subqueries. LINQ to LightSpeed makes it easy to take advantage of these new features, allowing you to write a whole range of queries that were previously impossible.

Example join query


LightSpeed 3.0 introduces a new migrations framework, enabling you to capture and customise your database change scripts. You can capture the changes you make to your model using the LightSpeed designer, customise them if required, and put them under version control so they can later be run in other environments such as your test or production servers. You can build migrations into your own program, generate SQL scripts for your DBA to run, or execute the migrations directly from within Visual Studio or the command line.

This should massively help improve developer effectiveness by doing away with the need to create SQL schema migration scripts manually. Helping developers deliver solutions faster and more reliably is at the very heart of what we are trying to deliver with LightSpeed 3.0.

LightSpeed 3 migrations running in Visual Studio

Designer enhancements

For many users the designer is key to LightSpeed’s productivity, and we’ve made a whole load of improvements here to support your working methods and to make your life easier! There’s too many to list here, but among the key features are:

  • Refactoring support: for example, you can do a solution-wide rename of an entity or property, just like you can in your Visual Studio code.
  • XML documentation support for entities, properties, associations and stored procedures.
  • Filtering the designer view to focus on a particular aggregate or subdomain.

The Rename refactoring in the LightSpeed designer

To read about many of the existing LightSpeed designer capabilities, check out our LightSpeed Designer page. The designer is included with all versions of LightSpeed.

Improved legacy database support

Sometimes you’re working with an existing database or environment that doesn’t work with the LightSpeed conventions and where it’s just not practical to change things to accord with modern practices. Common issues are the use of composite keys and the requirement for all data access to go via stored procedures, and LightSpeed now supports both those scenarios.

Composite keys and CRUD procedures

Testability improvements

Mocks and fakes are important techniques for unit testing, enabling you to run tests quickly without having to reset or talk to a database. LightSpeed 3’s TestUnitOfWork and EntityFactory provide a simple way of defining and injecting test data into a LightSpeed-based solution.

Change tracking

Many users want to be able to track the changes that have been made to an item since it was loaded, for example for audit or logging purposes. LightSpeed 3 builds this facility into the core entity class so you can easily determine what fields have changed and what the original value was.

Change tracking in LightSpeed 3

New database providers

The new SQL Server 2008 provider makes it easy to work with spatial data in a LightSpeed application, opening up all sorts of exciting possibilities for geographical information systems and spatial querying and visualisation.

We’ve also added support for IBM DB2 and for VistaDB 4.0.

New samples

We’ve added samples showing how to use LightSpeed in rich client and Web service environments, and beefed up our Web samples with a detailed and comprehensive example for the increasingly popular ASP.NET MVC framework.

New simplified licensing

We mentioned earlier today that we’ve simplified licensing for LightSpeed 3.0 into a per-developer model to avoid the confusion of our existing pricing model. We have also incorporated volume discounts into the online store to ensure that LightSpeed 3.0 is one of the most cost effective solutions to improving developer productivity you will find!

LightSpeed 3 is a huge release and we’ll have a lot more to say about it in future posts. For the time being, download the free Express edition and give it a try!

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