Introducing Visual Tools for SharePoint

With Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 being released today to MSDN subscribers it’s time to take the wraps off our latest creation: Visual Tools for SharePoint. Stunning name, very Microsoft inspired! ;-)

Visual Studio 2010 Visual Tools for Sharepoint

Get Visual Tools for Sharepoint FREE

The first 50 people to create accounts with Mindscape (click here to register) and then email their username and email address to will get a free license to Visual Tools for SharePoint. I’ll update this post when the give aways are complete, but be quick! UPDATE: All the free copies have been taken sorry!

What would you say…. you do?

Visual Tools for SharePoint is our first SharePoint related product and one of the exciting new features in SharePoint 2010 is “LINQ to SharePoint”. As many of you will know, our LightSpeed product has a fantastic LINQ provider and design surface for databases, so we are interested in all things LINQ. Microsoft have not made a visual design surface in Visual Studio for modeling things in SharePoint that you wish to query – you need to use an arcane command line tool. We love our Visual Studio integration and decided we could do better!

Here’s a screenshot (click to see it larger):

Visual Studio 2010 showing Visual Tools for SharePoint 2010

So you can connect to SharePoint from the VS 2010 Server Explorer, drag and drop your lists and have us create LINQ to SharePoint contexts and classes for you. No more mucking around with command lines and XML configuration files! This helps developers save time, makes generating your objects to query much easier and saves you having to leave Visual Studio 2010. Plus you can quickly update your models from the SharePoint site so as to see what’s new or changed.

What do you think?

With any new product we need end user feedback – that’s why we’re giving away copies to the first 50 users. You’ll get immediate access to the beta and a free copy of the toolkit when the retail version ships. (You’ll need Visual Studio 2010 Professional or above, and SharePoint 2010, to use the product.)

We want to evolve all of our products based on the feedback we receive and make all the changes available to users through our much loved nightly build process. Please let us know what you think in the comments on this post or in our forums :-)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and email us your username and email address now!

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  • Good spotting Drew – fixed! :-)

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