WPF Elements 3.0 beta

We’re pleased to announce that a beta build of WPF Elements 3.0 is now available to existing WPF Elements, WPF Property Grid and WPF Themes customers.

WPF Elements is our suite of controls for Windows Presentation Foundation and in 3.0 we’re not only bundling in the popular Property Grid control and our stylish WPF themes, we’re also adding a whole load of new controls:

  • Scheduler – Outlook-style calendar display
  • DualProgressBar – display operation and sub-operation progress
  • DualSlider – a handy and visual way for users to select a range
  • OutlookBar – an attractive and compact tab control
  • PaletteColorPicker – help your users select colors that work well together
  • SplitButton – it’s a button! It’s a menu! No, it’s a benu! Or possibly a menton
  • TimePicker – for selecting a time of day
  • TimeSpanPicker – for selecting a duration
  • RichTextToolBar – a convenient and familiar UI for formatting the WPF RichTextBox

WPF Elements

The PropertyGrid control has also been enhanced with new themes, and WPF Themes extends these to the built-in WPF controls.

The WPF Elements 3.0 beta is in the store now and is free to current WPF Elements, WPF Property Grid and WPF Themes customers. Take it for a spin and if you run into any issues, let us know!

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