Nightly news, 30 July 2010

We’ve been busy this week nailing down the hatches on WPF Elements 3.0, but we’ve also got a bunch of stuff into the latest nightly builds. Here’s what’s new.


  • Now you don’t even need to leave the designer to get your database created. If the designer can’t find the database when you try to do an Update Database, it will now offer to create it for you — if you’re on SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL, anyway. Let us know if you want this feature for other databases too. (Except Oracle. If you want it for Oracle… please don’t let us know.) Rumours that the next version of the designer will download and install the database software for you are greatly exaggerated.
  • Fixed an error with client-side boolean literals.
  • Fix for an error when projecting a property declared in a derived class when using class table inheritance.
  • Fixed an issue where discriminators were not respected when joining to a derived class.
  • Beta support for the SQL Server Compact 4 CTP. This requires an additional assembly reference: see here for instructions. At the moment, this is only runtime support: there’s no designer integration. Of course you can still use designer-built models with the LightSpeed runtime, you just won’t be able to do database sync or migrations.
  • Ninja association support, or ‘cross-cutting composite keys’ as they are more prosaically known. We’ll post more about this later, but if you can’t wait, see here for the details.

WPF Property Grid

  • Fix for an exception when editing a subnode in a collection when the collection contains expandable structs.

Don’t forget the WPF Elements 3.0 beta is now available to existing property grid customers. This contains some changes to the property grid so check it out sooner rather than later!

WPF Flow Diagrams

  • We’ve added some hooks to make it easier to serialise custom connections. Here’s a sample.

All these features and fixes are available in current nightly builds — get free and trial editions from the downloads page, or retail versions from the store.

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