WPF Elements 3.0 is here!

WPF Elements 3.0 is here!

We’re pleased to announce the release of WPF Elements 3.0, our suite of controls for Windows Presentation Foundation. 26 stunning controls, 5 beautiful themes, limitless possibilities!

What? The official marketing slogan’s not enough? You want to know more?

What’s new in WPF Elements 3?

The best way to get a feel for what’s in WPF Elements is to check out the online demo. This allows you to play with all of the controls and to see the different themes. Here’s a quick list of the new controls:

  • Scheduler: an Outlook-style calendar that you can use to display any kind of time-based data — meetings, tasks, events, reminders, whatever!
  • OutlookBar: a convenient, compact and attractive way of presenting multiple tabs in an application
  • PaletteColorPicker: a color picker which encourages your users to select colors that work well together
  • DualProgressBar: for when you need to provide more detailed feedback than a simple progress bar allows
  • DualSlider: a simple and visual control for specifying ranges such as minimum-maximum options
  • SplitButton: a familiar and intuitive way of presenting a family of commands
  • RichTextToolBar: because with all those formatting options in the RichTextBox, your users are going to want some way of getting at them
  • TimePicker and TimeSpanPicker: quick ways to select a time of day and duration for a time-based item such as a meeting or reminder

WPF Elements 3 also incorporates the WPF Property Grid and WPF Themes which were previously available as separate products. Plus of course it includes all the classic WPF Elements controls including:

Where can I get it?

WPF Elements 3 is available from the store now. It’s a free upgrade for existing WPF Elements, WPF Property Grid or WPF Themes customers.

Or download the 14-day trial FREE!

Check it out today!

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  • Very nice !
    I was working with the beta version already. Can’t wait to go ahead with the final version !

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