Changes to the WPF Property Grid in WPF Elements 3.0

As we’ve previously mentioned, as of WPF Elements 3.0, the WPF Property Grid is now part of the Elements suite and is no longer available separately. If you’re a WPF Property Grid customer, this means there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we’ve made some minor changes as part of the move, which may require some updates to your code. These changes are as follows:

  • The PropertyGrid control is now part of the Mindscape.WpfElements namespace. If you have code-behind which refers to the PropertyGrid type, you’ll need to update your using/Imports statements. Also, if you’ve used a clr-namespace XAML namespace instead of the http namespace, you’ll need to update your XAML.
  • PropertyGrid support classes such as Node and Editor are now part of the Mindscape.WpfElements.WpfPropertyGrid namespace. Again, if you’ve got code which refers to these types, you’ll need to update your using/Imports statements.
  • The implementation of the NumericUpDown and Date editors has changed to use the WPF Elements numeric and date controls. If you’ve custom styled these editor, you’ll need to update your style. See the example styles included with WPF Elements for examples.
  • There’s no longer a built-in masked text editor. You can however create your own using the WPF Elements MaskedTextBox control.

If you don’t want to make these changes, of course you can carry on using the Property Grid 2.x DLL — just save it and your licence file to a private project location (such as an Assemblies or ThirdParty directory) and reference it at that location. Or if you need help making the changes, jump in on the forum and let us know what the problem is.

What about the good news? Well, the good news is that all current WPF Property Grid customers receive a free upgrade to WPF Elements 3.0, which means you now get a whole truckload of cool controls thrown in alongside the grid, from basic business controls like the CurrencyTextBox to advanced business controls like the Scheduler and controls like CoverFlow that just add a touch of glamour to your user interface! Get the full details here and download your copy from the store!

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