New NHibernate Designer features available

Frans knows how to make friends and influence people.

Thanks for the feedback Frans! We love feedback here at Mindscape – it’s what makes our products better. Once we know that people want a feature or have found a bug we like to work damn fast at fixing it. That’s why we ship nightly builds of all our products – it means all customers, even trial users, can get the latest and greatest builds whenever they want.

Not wanting to be reported to the cyber police, I’m excited to announce that 13 hours after the feedback all users can download an update that includes:

  • Rename entity refactoring
  • Rename property refactoring
  • Partial class creation refactoring
  • Convert to manual implementation refactoring
  • Extract interface refactoring
  • Support for cross-cutting foreign keys like in Northwind (sorry Northwind customers)
  • 72.4% more advanced than the 1.0 version

We’ve been lucky to get lots of useful feedback from folks other than Frans, and we’re starting to build this in too. So in this release, you’ll also find we’ve added super sparkle keyboard support to the NHibernate Designer too, so it’s a snap to quickly add a bunch of properties without taking your hands away from the keyboard.

The latest build is available here or from the Visual Studio 2010 Extension Manager. Simply uninstall the existing version and install this copy – it’s the same for customers and trial users since it’s a unified install. If you originally installed it through Extension Manager it’s even easier — just go to the Updates tab, wait for VS to find us, and click Update.

Thanks again to all our users who have given feedback about the NHibernate Designer, we really appreciate it :-)

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