Visual Tools for SharePoint 2010 released!

Mindscape Visual Tools for SharePoint 2010

We’ve gone all enterprisy with our latest release – Visual Tools for SharePoint 2010. In fact, we’re so enterprisy that this is our slowest release to date – we actually finished developing this product several months ago and gave it out to a bunch of users to work with. Nothing like being slow to feel enterprise ready!

Jokes aside, we’re pleased to get this release out and into the hands of our users. Like all our products, there’s a free version that you can grab and start playing with right away.

So what does Visual Tools for SharePoint 2010 actually do?

It helps developers who want to work with LINQ-to-SharePoint, a new feature in SharePoint 2010. Unfortunately, if you’re wanting to do that then you need to work with some awkward command line tools to build up a model. Thankfully, visual modelling is something we have a bunch of experience with so we thought we could give developers a better way to work with LINQ-to-SharePoint models. It will save developers a heap of time when working with LINQ-to-SharePoint by generating LINQ classes and data contexts for SharePoint lists. If you don’t work with SharePoint 2010, or have any interest in LINQ-to-SharePoint then this product isn’t for you sorry!

Visual Tools for SharePoint in action

There’s also the ability to nicely synchronize your model from your SharePoint store if you’re making rapid changes to your SharePoint list structure:

Update LINQ-to-SharePoint model

It’s also our first product that has any connection to the insanely successful SharePoint product. We’re looking forward to hearing what sorts of interaction you would like to have with SharePoint from within Visual Studio so that we can roll out new features into this product (hence we didn’t limit the name to only talking about LINQ-to-SharePoint).

Pricing and trial

We’re retailing Visual Tools for SharePoint at $349 USD which includes 12 months of updates like all Mindscape purchases. Click here to visit the store. Trial editions can be downloaded from here.

We’d love to get your feedback and, as mentioned, if there’s anything else you’d like us to do with SharePoint let us know either in the comments or in our forums.

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