Nightly news, 20 August 2010

It’s been an enterprisy kind of a week: started out with a meeting, then our Dauntless Leaders went to an industry seminar and to cap it all off we’ve entered the SharePoint market. We’ve even got a pretty thin change log for this week. It doesn’t get much enterprisier than that.


  • Improved DTO guidance sample
  • Added batch insert support for Amazon SimpleDB
  • Fixed a couple of cases that could cause “unresolved identifier” alias errors in generated SQL

WPF Elements

  • Added controls for single-day display — see the multiple schedule sample here
  • Fixed an issue where TimePicker wasn’t showing the current value

WPF Diagramming

  • Fixed an issue where printing wasn’t respecting node elements being hidden

As always, these fixes and enhancements are in the current nightlies — free and trial editions from the downloads page, retail editions from the store.

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