LightSpeed 3.11 Released!

Mindscape LightSpeed 3.11 for Workgroups

The bestest .NET ORM just got more awesomer!

We’re stoked to have just released LightSpeed 3.11! Originally going to be 3.2 but we thought we’d pay homage to one of the greats in software history :-)

So, fresh from the oven, what’s new? Here’s a high level list of the improvements:

  • Support for SQL CE 4 both in the core and designer (meaning currently the LightSpeed model designer is about the only visual tool for designing a SQL CE 4 schema!)
  • Support for user-defined runtime conversions between database and CLR types, including designer support
  • Super sparkle keyboard support in the designer for users who love hot keyboard action
  • Improvements to querying, particularly in nested queries and complex grouping statements
  • Improvements to handling of inheritance structures both in the core and designer
  • Serialization of entities improved for remoting situations
  • Improved support for Visual Basic oddities with LINQ queries
  • Improved model checking and messaging in the designer to make it easier for new users
  • Usability and visual improvements for linked model files which is great for large models.
  • Added UpdateEntityState for manually setting entity state for testing purposes (in the Mindscape.LightSpeed.Testing namespace)
  • Improvements to the samples – better DTO sample, updated SQLite version in samples, and more
  • Refresh on data providers to new versions of the SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and VistaDB
  • Batch support for SimpleDB users to improve insert speed by a lowly 2500%

Read the complete change log here.

If you’ve never used LightSpeed, grab the free edition and have a play – we’re sure you’ll enjoy it and you’ll be up in running in about 10 minutes (start the timer!). If you’re already a customer you can grab the 3.11 release from your account page – we strongly recommend upgrading.

We’re offering a staggering 50% off if you purchase LightSpeed before Friday this week – that’s a saving of $174.50 USD! Head to the store, grab the LightSpeed 3 – 1 Developer edition (RRP $349 USD) and use the following discount code:


Just make sure you use it by Friday! Grab a copy and see why you’ll never want to use a different ORM again! :-)

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7 Responses to “LightSpeed 3.11 Released!”

  • Mindscape releases LightSpeed 3.11 ORM…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout…

  • Does the 50% discount apply also when getting the source code option?

  • Is the discount code a flashback to Poltergeist? :)

    Great job on the release.

  • Rob, I’ve pinged you an email. The discount is only for the 1 developer (no source) edition, but happy to do a deal this week on including source.

  • Thanks for the kind words Joe! It wasn’t a flashback, but that’s a good reference too ;-)

  • How much to include source?

  • The deal I offered Rob was that if you purchased a LightSpeed Developer license (or any license that excludes source) before Friday, we will add the source for free.

    Of course, this means buying the LightSpeed Dev license without source WITHOUT the discount code (so normal retail price).

    I hope that helps :-)

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