Coming soon: Charts for Silverlight & WPF

I wanted to give a sneak preview of some great new capabilities that we’re currently developing for WPF and Silverlight. In the coming months we will be releasing a suite of charting controls for both our Silverlight Elements and WPF Elements product lines.

Here’s some examples of what will be possible. Note that these are early screen grabs from our simple test harness – it’s only part of the story, and we’ll have more to say in the future as we get closer to a release. Obviously charting is about much more than just the visuals so we’re working hard to ensure that developers have a great experience with the controls – databinding support through out, infinite restyling and templating ability, animation support and more. Everything you would expect from tools designed and built specifically for the platform.

Line chart in WPF and Silverlight

A simple line series graph showing various styles for lines and automatic legend generation for the various series.

Category axis support with Silverlight and WPF Charts

A simple bar graph with category axis support in use.

3D bar styles for Silverlight and WPF Charts

3D bar graph – customising and styling the look and feel of your charts is easy with the flexibility of styles and templating in Silverlight and WPF.

Data labels in WPF and Silverlight charts

Data labels can be displayed to make values more clear for the consumer. Data labels can be trigger to display on mouse over, all at once or however you would like. The display style is completely customisable.

Pie chart in WPF and Silverlight Charts

A simple pie chart with lighting effects applied.

Doughnut charts are delicious when coated with sugar.

Doughnut charts are supported. They’re also delicious when consumed fresh from the bakery with sugar on top.

This marks the end of a short glimpse of what’s under development for the WPF Elements and Silverlight Elements products. We appreciate any feedback as it will directly impact the product development. As mentioned earlier, these are alpha screenshots and you can customise the look and feel considerably more than we have shown here (as they’re all being rendered from our test harness the legend, title, etc is all displayed in the same place with the same colours – this isn’t necessary! :-)

So when can I get my hands on this?

If you’re a Silverlight Elements customer, we’ll be rolling out the charts into the nightly builds soon. We’ve elected to start with supporting Silverlight as the Silverlight API is far more primitive than WPF and it will make releasing the WPF version shortly after we finalise the Silverlight version much easier. We will be posting updates to the blog in future when parts become available to play with (you can subscribe to the blog here if you use an RSS reader).

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