Silverlight charts beta is now available

As promised recently, we’re announcing that early versions of our Silverlight Charts are now available in the nightly builds of Silverlight Elements. We elected to keep the charts as part of our Silverlight suite rather than spin it out as a separate product so that existing customers got some cool new controls and to make the Silverlight Elements suite even more compelling!

So what’s in the box at the moment?

Bar charts:

Silverlight bar chart with labels

Line charts:

Line chart in Silverlight

Pie & doughnut charts:

Pie chart with data labels in Silverlight

Remember: You can alter and customise the look and feel of the charts to your hearts content. Axis labels, data labels, colours, background grids, absolutely everything is customisable. If you make a particularly sexy chart then let us know, we’d love to see what users are building! :-)

As we are rolling out the charting beta in the nightly builds, you can expect new features and chart types every day. In the current nightly we’re shipping a Charting QuickStart sample and XML documentation, but we’re working on more detailed samples and improved documentation, and plan to ship those over the next couple of weeks. It is however a great time to provide feedback on the charts by telling us if there’s features you’d like to see, particular chart types you’d like us to prioritise or if you find the samples are not providing enough guidance — that sort of thing.

If you’re working with Silverlight and are curious about not only charting, but what else you get with Silverlight Elements you can read more on the Silverlight Elements site.

You can grab the latest nightly build of Silverlight Elements trial edition from the nightly build page, or get the full version from your account page in the store if you’re an existing customer.

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