Silverlight Book control released!

Wow, Silverlight Elements is getting some attention lately! Yesterday we announced that charting controls were being rolled into the nightly builds and today I’m excited to announce the inclusion of our Silverlight Book Control. This is a great control for presenting readable data in a manner that is familiar to people while at the same time being flexible enough for developers to host any content they want. So you can host images, text, scheduler controls, 3D spinning cubes, whatever you want – and still get the nice smooth animating page flip effects.

Here’s some pretty pictures:

Silverlight Book control with open pages

Standard view of the book open at pages 6 & 7.

Turning a page in the Silverlight Book Control

Turning a page in the book control is visually beautiful, feeling like a real book. Either drag pages over or simply click to flip fast.

Fliping pages back in the Silverlight Book Control

Turning a page backwards. The pages are complete databindable, supporting any content you may want to show in the book.

Jason started developing this control some months ago in the evenings for fun and we loved it so much that it’s now being included in our official Silverlight control suite!

Check out the whole Silverlight Elements suite here which includes many other controls to make your applications sing and dance.

Note: The book control is in the current nightly builds so you will need to grab it from the nightly build page, or if you’re one of our much loved customers, you can grab it from your store page here.

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  • Nice Control. Very Glad by seeing this…

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