New Silverlight charting capabilities

As you may know from following this blog, we’ve been releasing parts of our Silverlight Charting controls on a nightly basis with Silverlight Elements. Last week I talked about the initial charts – Line, Bar, Pie and Doughnut. Keeping up with almost live-blogging the changes as they’re being released, today I’m pleased to announce some of the new chart types that are available immediately to Silverlight Elements users.

Some of the new features include:

  • Legend placement improvements to make it easier to place the legend
  • Logarithmic axis scale support
  • Pie chart selection options (light one part, pull it out, expand all slices, etc)

And of course the new charts which, I think, are best described with visuals…

Bubble charts:

Silverlight Bubble Chart

Multiple bubble series:

Multiple bubble series in Silverlight charts

Stacked line area charts:

Stacked area series chart in Silverlight

Stacked bar series:

Stacked bar series in Silverlight charts

Stacked bar series with a custom bar style:

Custom bar style chart in Silverlight

Stacked bar series in horizontal orientation:

Horizontal bar series chart in Silverlight

Scatter charts:

Scatter chart in Silverlight

Multiple scatter charts:

Multiple scatter series chart in Silverlight Charts

Stacked line charts:

Stacked line series chart in Silverlight

Spline charts (Smooths the line):

Spline chart in Silverlight

Stacked spline charts:

Stacked spline charts in Silverlight

Stacked spine area charts:

Stacked spline area charts in Silverlight

Phew – not bad for a weekly update I don’t think! :-) We have been asked if using the charting is currently supported – absolutely. They’re not completely finished, but if you do use them and have feedback or find bugs then we’ll be there to help you out so please – dig in :-)

You can try the charts with the trial of Silverlight Elements or if you’re a customer, grab your nightly build from the store here.

What would you like to see next?

10 Responses to “New Silverlight charting capabilities”

  • Nice.

    Will the splines chart reticulate?

  • Splines are pre-reticulated for performance reasons ;-)

    I was wondering how long before somebody referenced Sim City 2000. What was that – five minutes? :-D

  • Will the Silverlight controls be completely finished before they are ported to WPF Elements?

    Are you able to discuss timelines?

    Multi scatter is nice.


  • Hello Joe

    Indeed we plan to finish off the Silverlight version of the charting before porting it to WPF. We aim to finish the Silverlight version in about 2 weeks. No promises, but you can expect to see WPF charts within 3 or 4 weeks from now.

    – Jason

  • Jason,

    Thanks. I will start giving John a hard time in 3 weeks if it isn’t ready. :)

    Seriously, The time frame sounds great. I will be looking forward to seeing it.

  • You crack that whip Joe ;-)

  • hope to see some speedometer-like controls

  • Hey David

    Speedometers and other gauges are on our list of things to do. We do not yet have an estimated release date though.

    – Jason

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