Nightly news, 8 October 2010

What’s new in the Mindscapeosphere this week? Charts. Lots and lots of charts. Sure, there’s some joining and grouping, there always is. But mostly it’s charts. Here’s the details.


  • LightSpeed now warns if you try to apply the NoAction remove behaviour to soft-deleted entities
  • Improvements to GroupJoin including multiple join keys
  • Fix for projections in grouping scenarios
  • PostgreSQL identity (serial) columns now work in nondefault schemas
  • Support for reversed join chains (come on, you know you want them)
  • Support for joining to a subselect containing a grouping query

Silverlight Elements

  • The ChartGrid and MarkedStripeGrid now automatically set their axes
  • We’ve made it easier to display minor tick marks
  • The charts now include spline tracing. I have no idea what this does, but it makes JD very excited, so I’m sure it’s jolly good

Available now from the usual places!

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