Nightly news, 15 October 2010

So, did we manage to ship any fixes or enhancements while engaging in our week-long bloggy beardgasm? You bet we did! Here’s what’s new in the latest nightly builds.

Silverlight Elements

  • Added a DataLabel property for all data series (except BubbleSeries — get a real chart, bubble fans!)
  • We’ve changed DataSeries to use a consistent SeriesBrush property, replacing the old BarBrush, BubbleBrush and BogBrush properties


  • Fixed an error in the LINQ provider if a query traversed a one-to-one association from the end without the foreign key
  • Fixed an aliasing error with value objects in a derived table
  • Fixed an aliasing error in Exists queries with certain database providers
  • Migrations extensibility for full ninja support — we’ll write about this when we’ve had a bit more feedback from users

NHibernate Designer

  • Fixed an issue if a property coincided with the discriminator

WPF Elements

  • Fixed an error in the property grid if the selected object raised PropertyChanged with a null or empty property name
  • Some updates to the MultiCalendar generic style

Where can you get them? From the usual places. When can you get them? Right now!

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