Nightly news, 22 October 2010

This week we’ve mostly been putting the finishing touches to Silverlight charting, but as always we’ve found the time to squeeze in some fixes and enhancements through the nightly builds.


  • Fix for joins in EXISTS queries that traverse associations
  • Fixes for nested and chained joins
  • Fix for Check Links in subfolder incorrectly reporting no linked models
  • Fixed an issue with dragging views onto the designer from a nondefault schema
  • Fixed an issue if a class table inheritance hierarchy had an external base class above the discriminated root
  • Fix for handling of soft deleted entities during aliased queries
  • We’ve reversed the order of INSERT statements in class table inheritance (sorry, foreign key fans, this won’t help with DELETEs — ask my why if the “will I ever run out of Int64 IDs” discussion wasn’t geeky enough for you)
  • In TestUnitOfWork, you no longer need to set LightSpeedContext before using LINQ queries

Silverlight Elements

It’s been a big value chart-o-rama. Watch this space!

VS File Explorer

  • We now set the current directory before launching an external file

Available as always from the usual places.

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