LightSpeed 2.x – time to upgrade!

Lines on the End of Life-ing of LightSpeed 2.x

Farewell then
LightSpeed 2.x.

You kicked the
Entity Framework’s

But you came out nearly
Two years ago.
It is frankly amazing
That anyone is still using
You. But now they will have to

E. J. Thribb (aged 17 1/2)

With LightSpeed 3 nearly a year old, and LightSpeed 4 on its way, we’re still getting the occasional support request for LightSpeed 2.x. We don’t have the resources to support two versions back, so we’ll be end-of-lifing LightSpeed 2 in the very near future. We will no longer be making nightly builds available, and will only provide enhancements or bug fixes in return for huge bribes. We strongly recommend upgrading to LightSpeed 3 as soon as possible.

Obviously, LightSpeed 3 users will continue to get the same great support we’re renowned for. This affects only people who have stuck to LightSpeed 2.

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