Silverlight Elements 2.0 is here!

The worst kept secret in Mindscape history is out — we’re proud to announce the release of Silverlight Elements 2.0, a major new version of our suite of controls for Microsoft’s Silverlight application and media platform!

Silverlight Elements 2.0 is packed with components that support common business functionality, make for more convenient user interaction or just make your application look cool.

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Silverlight Elements – for the line of business

The big new feature in Silverlight Elements 2.0 is charting. Create great-looking charts in minutes, and pimp them out from the extensive gallery of sample styles.

Silverlight Elements includes bar, line, spline, area, spline area, pie, doughnut, scatter and bubble charts, plus stacked variants of the bar, line, area, spline and spline area charts. These choices make it easy for you to create visualisations that help business users rapidly absorb, assess and compare information.

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Silverlight Elements charting is fully idiomatic Silverlight, supporting data binding, styling and templating. You can use styles and templates to customise the appearance of chart elements such as bars, symbols, lines, axes, data labels and legends. You can even use data-dependent styling, for example to highlight values that fall above or below the expected range. Full data binding support means you can use Silverlight charts against existing business objects. What’s more, if you bind a chart to an observable data source, it will update in real time — a painless way to ensure your users are always working with the most current data!

There’s not room here to talk about all the other cool features, like multiple Y axes, axis scaling, stripey backgrounds and support for massive data sets, but we’ll be posting lots of examples over the coming days. Watch this space!

While charting is the big new feature, Silverlight Elements also includes a bunch of other controls that are useful in business scenarios, such as the popular Scheduler control, list and tree-list views, and many more.

Silverlight Elements – for your users

Although Silverlight is a great platform for building rich user experiences, the set of controls it comes with is fairly basic. Silverlight Elements includes a bunch of components that you can use to improve the navigability and usability of your application. Users are familiar with idioms like menus, expanders and split buttons, and with Silverlight Elements they can have them!

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In addition, Silverlight Elements provides a number of familiar controls from the Windows and Office environments, such as color pickers, time pickers, a numeric up-down spinner, an Outlook-style navigation bar and many more, to help your users get up and running with your application as quickly as possible!

Silverlight Elements – for looking good

If there’s one thing better than an application which does the job and makes it easy, it’s an application which does the job, makes it easy and looks great doing it. With Silverlight Elements, you can use controls such as CoverFlow and Book to create engaging, tactile user interfaces which users love to interact with.

Better still, Silverlight Elements ships with five themes, allowing you to easily achieve an attractive, modern Office- or Expression-style look in your application.

Silverlight Elements – for free goodies!

As part of Silverlight Elements 2.0, we’re making three controls — CoverFlow, Book and Expander — available for FREE! Just download the free edition of Silverlight Elements and you can use these controls to your heart’s content without paying one red cent.

The free edition also includes evaluation versions of all the other controls so you can try them out and see how they can help you to build great applications.

We’re also offering a special bonus to customers who purchase the full version in the next two weeks: a $100 discount and a free copy of Laurent’s Bugnion’s book Silverlight 4 Unleashed (the proper dead tree edition you can keep on your desk, not a PDF!).

Silverlight Elements – get it now!

Silverlight Elements 2.0 is available now — grab the free edition and take it for a spin, or head for the store to take advantage of the limited time discount and free book offer. Happy coding!

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